Jane Austen leather book design

Are ‘classic books’ still valued in today’s society?

First, some research, what causes a book to become an 'enduring classic’? Here are a few things that have come up in polls:

  • A book that you can read over and over, quote your favourite lines and one that is recommend.

  • Sometimes they are book that we have studied in education due to the author's style of writing, plot or being important in it's day.

  • The are often familiar, a well known story, a fairy tale perhaps, or with characters that have been played by famous actors on stage and film.

  • Many classics have stood the text of time and are filled with unfamiliar or complex language and archaisms. Yet, the appeal and connection of the characters is still relevant in our modern world. 

  • A book that has value and influence today. An enduring impact on people reading it today and one they want to tell their friends, and future generations about. 

Most book that are considered to be classics are not going anywhere. They might have been popular at the time of publication, but the legacy remains. They tend to have appealed to the masses with well thought-out plots, characters with depth and overarching themes about the society and place they are set. 

It is also fair to say that many people today do not value classic books as they should, being perceived as 'out-dated', 'boring' 'challenging to read'. We think that once you immerse yourself if the world created by the author that this is not the case. Admittedly, studying a book can take away a certain amount of pleasure from the reading, but there is reason behind the title being selected. 

Dickens, Austen and the Brontes? ‘Classic books’ are a great way to be transported back in time. They also offer us ideas that make us think long after we have closed the book, shaping opinion and if you re-read it, familiarity. 

We are delighted to be bringing you leather bound editions of Jane Austen's work, starting with Pride & Prejudice. The books can be seen on our website, The Corvedale Press. We hope you agree that books such as this bring immense joy to the reader, and to have it in this limited edition is a decision you will not regret one bit!

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